Posters , Art Prints -Best solution for affordable Wall Decor in India.

Posters , Art Prints -Best solution for affordable Wall Decor in India.

As children we always had a lot of time to decorate our room. But all we could do is, use the self made drawings, calendar cut outs , art pictures or family photographs or use Local Wall Hangings to decorate walls and make our rooms unique than the rooms of our friends and visiting cousins. Growing up in a Metro town in India and working 6 days a week almost gave me very little time to cherish my childhood hobby of decorating my room. But I had an opportunity when we brought our self a New Flat in Navi Mumbai. The experience also great but despite shifting in we could not make it look like a home. I realized the Walls where just so empty. Here came my opportunity to try and fulfil my childhood desire, and with some money to spend I was excited thinking what all I could have done with my space.


I set forth in the high streets of Mumbai, India in search of Quality Wall Decor but to my surprise either you where shown those Cheap Chinese Frames  generally perceived as forwarded gifts or referred to an Art Gallery that took its pride to showcase fine art paintings worth a Luxury Handbag of Luis Vuitton or a Tata Nano. How on earth shall someone decorate the space at home in a refined yet affordable manner? It was a relief when one of my friends’s referred me to an Online Art Prints Posters & Wall Decor Shop that is Art

I was amazed to look at the range of Wall Art that Art offered. I realized this is what I was looking for as this online art website offers High Quality Reproductions of Original Art work, all suitably priced starting Rs. 900 to Rs.2500. Buying such fine art prints made sense to me because it is digitally reproduction of the original art as I found all the art prints are an affordable wall decor option for customers like me.

The browsing over this online art prints, poster store was perfectly managed as we could choose to view wall art as per its subject, style budget and product type. They offer Fine Art Prints that is an Art Printed on a very high quality paper, Posters which were printed on lower quality of papers usually on popular subjects like Movies Posters, Car, Music Posters and Celebrity Posters etc. Then I also found a new concept of Giclee Prints that are printed using a very high quality printer and inks that can last for many years to come. The best part was that Giclee Prints provide a texture similar to original art. We could also choose from International Standard Canvas prints, serigraphs & framed art in India.

It wasn’t tough for me to find suitable wall art for my