Commercial Mortgage and Business Finance – Real Estate Investing

One of the most difficult business finance transitions occurs when a residential real estate investor begins an investment approach that includes commercial real estate and business opportunity investing. It is important to formulate a detailed commercial mortgage and business loan strategy prior to buying a business.


There are approximately 25 critical differences between residential real estate investing ande commercial property investing. Because more residential property investors are exploring commercial real estate and business finance opportunities, this business opportunity financing and business loan report is designed to help educate new commercial investors about key commercial mortgage and commercial loan issues.

Rather than specifically focusing on issues that differentiate business financing from residential financing (which we have thoroughly analyzed in separate reports), this report will offer a few key observations regarding business finance elements that are often overlooked in new business investment considerations. These factors include credit card processing, business cash advance options and working capital management.

Coordinating Credit Card Processing and Business Cash Advance Programs –

Many business investments will involve the use of credit card processing decisions. These business activities should be analyzed simultaneously with business cash advance programs for several reasons. If done properly, a business should reduce their costs and improve their cash flow.


Reducing Credit Card Processing Costs in Business Investing –

One of the biggest benefits of coordinating credit card processing with a business cash advance program is the real potential that overall costs can be reduced. Such an advantage is likely to be available in conjunction with the most progressive programs by linking a low cost credit card processor with the best merchant cash advance program. Many of the best credit card processors will not be available for businesses other than through a high-quality credit card financing arrangement.

Improve Cash Flow for Business Investments –

Credit card factoring strategies can produce a business cash advance up to several hundred thousand dollars. For most businesses, this level of financing is not routinely available via other business finance programs. Many commercial lenders have eliminated line of credit services, so the use of credit card receivables to obtain a merchant cash advance fills an important business financing void.

It is important to realize that there are certain key limitations and potential difficulties with business cash advance strategies. New business owners will occasionally eliminate using a merchant cash advance without adequately considering the overall benefits because they are confused by this business finance approach. Although credit card factoring is frequently considered to be a